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A City of Artists

Posted: August 16, 2011 by jungleboots in Uncategorized

God i hate this city’s infestation of idiot hipsters.

They all talk about taking the city back with art. Building a real people’s art culture in the city. But they havent got the gumption to start anything. they havent got the intelligence to realise that what they are doing right now with their small exclusive galleries filled with their friends and fellow alumni’s selfishly motivated impenitrable subjective human-less story-less pointless art about how weird it is to see a hammer hanging from the ceiling isnt speaking to anyone that needs to hear it.

Galleries are the bane of art in this city. Galleries are the.very reason there will never be a peoples art culture in this city. A handfull of modestly wealthy pretenders come to look at art to realise or feel something profound and if the art seems a good enough investment the art gets bought.

The people who havent the wealth nor the education nor the articulation to understand this art let alone the intrest to come veiw it are the people that need its realization its feeling and its profundity the most. These pretenders these idiots these kids i went to school with think its a fault of these uncaring uneducated people that they dont understand or dont want to understand. These people are crying for something to fill their heads with. But its you that makes shit art that says nothing to them. Its your fault you dont MAKE them understand with your art. Its your inarticulation that keeps them from becoming interested. Worst of all its your foolish pride and your lack of understanding that keeps you so steadfast in your shity galleries with your shitty friends and your shitty art as if your comfort in “self discovery” is more important than the people outside your doors starving for a whole hell of a lot more than just food.

Your art, your loves, your friends, your aspirations, your life means nothing to them. And its your fault. 

This is the failure of this city. This is the failure of your expected city of artists.


Who the hell are you? (PC culture)

Posted: August 2, 2011 by jungleboots in What a world what a world...

This is a youtube episode from an independant internet news group known as The Young Turks.

As to the nature of this The Young Turks episode I feel it is pertinent that I express my views as to what i find to be a hyper-sensitive and all together racially/culturally damaging movement towards absolute political correctness (PC).

It seems to me that this is a reactionary display of growing and well articulated white guilt initiated by an ignorance to cultural differences and the dynamics of cultural difference pushed foreword to become a foolish responsibility toward becoming “racial police” to protect races from racism that whites have little to no understanding of.

What i feel political correctness does is attempt to homogenize culture, and race into what is ideally a society with no race consciousness. It seeks to eliminate the offenses of a certain action words or stereotypes, but inadvertently bars the display of any cultural difference between one race and another in order to avoid revealing conflict between the two.

Its almost an act of gentrification of culture, of race itself. Taking the culture from a given race and replacing its native identity and function with that of a more comfortable one, a more politically correct one. I say gentrification because if a person of color cannot be popularly portrayed with any sense of their mannerisms and lingual norms (exaggerated or otherwise accurate) without assuming someone somewhere is going to be offended by it *where the reaction is to say it must be*suppressed. Suppressed but more quietly replaced (as nature as well as social existence abhors a vacuum). But replaced by what? The norm… which especially in politically correctness is White culture.

Thus much like a neighborhood that was once poor and black that slowly grows white and wealthy. Where in, inadvertently,*the whites push the native blacks out of the neighborhood; this is gentrification. slowly the proliferation of white cultures prescribed political correctness will push out the native culture of blackness, of afro-centrism, of black power from the black culture and reduce its black people with black culture to black people with white culture and it will truly solve none of the real ignorance of race and of different cultures (via PC culture.)

I think the popularity of the politically correct movement has been said before “White americans have no concept of racism as a reality. As they never experienced a minoritization of them selves or their race en masse.” Instead they learn about racism through text books, and media pundits (such as The Young Turks). The white american perception of racial consciousness is that historic racism still persists (which it does) and they are thusly still guilty of the crimes of their great great great grandfathers because they look at race historically rather than practically or modernly. Essentially they get hung up collectively on the history of slavery, Jim Crowe, and historical white class privilege. Which is true in a sense, but it is not the cause, nor the continuance of racism in America ignorance of different races, and different cultures is, and ignorance of the pain and reality of contemporary racism is.

White americans assume an action against what they suppose is historical racism, based on language, and law rather than what is based on lack of exposure to race, fear of race and ignorance of race. They resort to an activity which they think will mask the reality of racism, and thus eventually eliminate the functions of racism.

However, this action is motivated by confusion and deep down a persistent expectation that white culture is the normal culture which then more mistakenly is assumed to be the correct culture, why? because it is the culture that subscribes most to (and invented) politically correct culture. Politically correct culture of course reveals this mentality in its own name. It reveals that those that perscribe to it assume it is the most correct manner with which to deal with racial dialectics.

White culture is professional culture, white culture is media culture, white culture is consumer culture. If you do not subscribe to these cultures you are invariably incorrect, and this is definitely applied (especially in the professional, and politically correct cultures) to different races labeling them thusly incorrect, or at least undesirable.

The danger of it is that whites know about racism through the “educations” of PC culture and language, which seeks to eliminate the conflict between racial dialectics and homogenize culture. But then, once eliminating the conflict what still resides is that whites still hold the power in this country, and thus their expectations of propriety reflect, or are without a doubt focused mostly on White cultural propriety.

People portraying people of different races stereotypically IS damaging, it is backwards to a degree… but what really motivates modern racism, what really IS modern racism is the unspoken expectation (inadvertently reassured by the popular politically correct movement) that White culture is the proper culture. and that is by far where the majority of racial discrimination lies in contemporary racism. It exists within the side effects of PC’s proliferation that the idea of a proper, professional, family friendly, and politically correct culture does, and should exist, what more that it is the only Correct institution with which to approach cultural and racial dialectics.

So basically my long winded hard to understand post begs to ask the question of those of you whom are offended by these videos or at the very least feel uneasy about the controversy brought on by them in this discussion.

“if these commercials portray different races stereotypically and inaccurately what then is the correct way to portray different races? But more so; Why could you specifically assume any knowledge of correct and incorrect portrayals of race, especially if you are not a member of the race in question?”