A City of Artists

Posted: August 16, 2011 by jungleboots in Uncategorized

God i hate this city’s infestation of idiot hipsters.

They all talk about taking the city back with art. Building a real people’s art culture in the city. But they havent got the gumption to start anything. they havent got the intelligence to realise that what they are doing right now with their small exclusive galleries filled with their friends and fellow alumni’s selfishly motivated impenitrable subjective human-less story-less pointless art about how weird it is to see a hammer hanging from the ceiling isnt speaking to anyone that needs to hear it.

Galleries are the bane of art in this city. Galleries are the.very reason there will never be a peoples art culture in this city. A handfull of modestly wealthy pretenders come to look at art to realise or feel something profound and if the art seems a good enough investment the art gets bought.

The people who havent the wealth nor the education nor the articulation to understand this art let alone the intrest to come veiw it are the people that need its realization its feeling and its profundity the most. These pretenders these idiots these kids i went to school with think its a fault of these uncaring uneducated people that they dont understand or dont want to understand. These people are crying for something to fill their heads with. But its you that makes shit art that says nothing to them. Its your fault you dont MAKE them understand with your art. Its your inarticulation that keeps them from becoming interested. Worst of all its your foolish pride and your lack of understanding that keeps you so steadfast in your shity galleries with your shitty friends and your shitty art as if your comfort in “self discovery” is more important than the people outside your doors starving for a whole hell of a lot more than just food.

Your art, your loves, your friends, your aspirations, your life means nothing to them. And its your fault. 

This is the failure of this city. This is the failure of your expected city of artists.


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