Posting Schedule

Blog Post: Surf Sundays with Ivan

Comic: Doors at 8 with Enshogirl & Ivan

TBA: Coming Soon…

TBA: Coming Soon…

Blog Post: Punx is Metaphysix with Jungle Boots (not guaranteed, takes much time and thought says i says i.)

Blog Post: Open Mic Fridays

TBA: Coming Soon…

*schedule subject to change, as well as irregular postings not planned in this schedule

We are the Dirty punks.
We are here to create a community or collective out of the friends we have in our Gaiaonline guild Unwashed Hooligans and its predecessor Dirty Punks.
Our Statement: To create and expand our understandings of our selves as punks, artists, musicians, thinkers and human beings through a celebration of punk culture, a celebration of our own creative expression and ingenuity and an examination of everything there in.

Things we plan on doing in the blog:
– regularly posted original comics
– original art
– original writing
– original film/youtube
– original music
– post album, film, art, literature reviews and discussions
– rants about life, punx, thought, philosophy, and what the fuck ever…
– DIY how tos
– revisit past life experiences
– and of course… have fun