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A City of Artists

Posted: August 16, 2011 by jungleboots in Uncategorized

God i hate this city’s infestation of idiot hipsters.

They all talk about taking the city back with art. Building a real people’s art culture in the city. But they havent got the gumption to start anything. they havent got the intelligence to realise that what they are doing right now with their small exclusive galleries filled with their friends and fellow alumni’s selfishly motivated impenitrable subjective human-less story-less pointless art about how weird it is to see a hammer hanging from the ceiling isnt speaking to anyone that needs to hear it.

Galleries are the bane of art in this city. Galleries are the.very reason there will never be a peoples art culture in this city. A handfull of modestly wealthy pretenders come to look at art to realise or feel something profound and if the art seems a good enough investment the art gets bought.

The people who havent the wealth nor the education nor the articulation to understand this art let alone the intrest to come veiw it are the people that need its realization its feeling and its profundity the most. These pretenders these idiots these kids i went to school with think its a fault of these uncaring uneducated people that they dont understand or dont want to understand. These people are crying for something to fill their heads with. But its you that makes shit art that says nothing to them. Its your fault you dont MAKE them understand with your art. Its your inarticulation that keeps them from becoming interested. Worst of all its your foolish pride and your lack of understanding that keeps you so steadfast in your shity galleries with your shitty friends and your shitty art as if your comfort in “self discovery” is more important than the people outside your doors starving for a whole hell of a lot more than just food.

Your art, your loves, your friends, your aspirations, your life means nothing to them. And its your fault. 

This is the failure of this city. This is the failure of your expected city of artists.


Punx Is Metaphysix: Part 2: A Manifesto

Posted: December 2, 2010 by jungleboots in Uncategorized

Continued from

Heidegger tells us that in fact that we as humans have no real autonomy… that we are historical and social creatures with personalities based on experience, nurture, and environment. Psychology tells us that our decisions are determined by our (subconscious and conscious) memory and environment. Cause and effect tells us that our environment is determined by previous states and events of and within that same environment. This environment being manipulate-able makes us manipulate-able. And who but those most powerful and influential humans are the ones with the greatest position upon which to manipulate the rest of us.

Yet it might be that we are not left at the whims of powerful men; we are not left at the whims of powerless insignificance. However it is with the same metaphysics, the same concepts, the same empty promises that allow for evils, that we may also find our salvations. But the question then becomes how does one put distance to that which has made them what they are?

Following Heidegger’s existentialisms we find ourselves in a self-less situation; the magnanimity of the Universe tells us that we are insignificant in comparison, that we are an accumulation of atoms without objective purpose. It tells us that we human beings, we living things, can only grasp out at abstracts to find purpose, to find identity, to find existence, and that these abstracts we ourselves invent.

However, the Universe also tells us that as we are purposeless, it provides no objective purpose for its own existence. It only provides only objective truth as to how it does or does not exist. We truly have even ground in that respect, limitations of physical and mathematical laws aside, the Universe certainly never stopped us from thinking about… even inventing purpose for ourselves, or even a purpose for the Universe itself.

So we do invent. We invent autonomy; we invent the brotherhood of man, humanity, justice, truth, responsibility, progress. We invent our self conception.

But as we stated these inventions become the very tools that keep us in line for the interests of those most powerful and influential humans. It is with the idea of humanity that the Nazis were allowed to commit horrendous acts of inhumanity. Manipulation of our idea of humanity allows for a twisting of what we define as human, what we define as justice, as responsibility, progress, so on and so forth.

How are we to step away from this manipulation is simple. Ignore it. Ignore the stations of value that are twisted into our definitions of culture, faith, and civilization.

When we negate the values of dominant culture we subvert the powers that assert them.

When we negate the values of dominant faiths (secular, and sacred) we subvert the powers that praise them.

When we negate the values of those who dominate our civilization we subvert the functions they rely on.

When we negate the values of dominant definitions of humanity we subvert the functions of inhumane interests.

When we negate the stations of our existence we were born into without our own choice we subvert the manipulations that define us without our own choice.

When we define ourselves on our own experiences, we gain true autonomy as is abstractly possible.

We are not left at the whims of powerful men; we are not left at the whims of powerless insignificance.