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Let’s discuss one of my all time favorite genres of music, one I am very passionate about. Surf music! Well I could give you a long drawn-out history lesson on surf music, but I’ll start with the quick version and move on from there to talk about where it is today. The year was 1961, and instrumental

Link Wray, instrumental rock extaordinaire, inspiration for the surf boom, still covered by surf bands today.

rock had already gained popularity thanks to guys like Link Wray. Along comes a young man with a Fender Stratocaster by the name of Dick Dale and he just changed everything with his idea of music “replicating the motion of surfing”. Things take off, everyone’s surfin, surfin USA. Shit dies by the early 70’s. Have a few revivals here and there, then skip to today.

Today, playing surf music (outside of surf central, Southern California), is basically unheard of. Especially if you’re from Jersey, like me. And when you do come across a true surf act, not some assholes saying they’re surf but clearly aren’t (you’ll be amazed by how many of those are out there), its almost always crusty old guys who were around to ride the first wave.

It’s funny, because when I get up and play surf songs, there’s still a great interest in the music and people respond greatly to it. So why doesn’t anyway my age (20’s) get out there and actually form more surf/trash rock bands? If I wasn’t on the wrong side of the country, grinding through film school, I’d have my own trash rock band already. All I got to do before leaving Jersey was a couple of solo surf sets on my Fender Jaguar. Which rocked, but hey, I wanna get a full band going, inspire a few more people to take up the almost dead genre.

There will always be guys out there still doing it, like Man or Astroman?, or even one of my favorites, The Phantom Surfers, but surf in the local music scene is almost completely gone.  Probably why I get ridiculously excited when guys like Ba Babes (former members of the one-show wonder Nomad Chromski) come out of the wood work and really rock shit. Glad someone my age beat me to it, hopefully they stick around.

You can check them out and get their EP that I’ll review next time over at Definitely one of the best lash outs against letting surf/garage music die out.

The Phantom Surfers! Making surf music SEXY!


 I figure before any of us go on to introduce ourselves, or go on to start our normally planned postings it would be a good idea to define, in a sense, what we all share in common as the collective; Dirty Punx. And that would be Punk itself, not just the music, not just the philosophy, not just the attitude, not just the culture… but the one idea that links all three together. So what is punk? what does it mean?

We know what a punk looks like right? we know what punk sounds like right? we know what being a punk means right? do we?… the answers ive gotten over the years seem so off base, so subjective, so different it becomes really hard to place a finger on what punk really means. All in all if you ask most self-proclaimed punks they wouldn’t be able to give you a universal definition for the term punk… but I’m going to give it a try.

We all recall the stories and history of the creation of punk rock, punk culture, punk style, punk life style. We all know the political intrigues that punk grew up in; the anti-nixon youth, the growth out of hippie/beatnik revolutions, the evolution of recreational drugs in those revolutions, and the cold war itself. The details arent important, the reasons are… the objective… the idea… the goal… that’s whats important. The goal… being punk fucking rock right? the more points you gotz… the more punx you is… the closer to God you seem to be. But let’s be serious…. Punk was a goal… an achievement… like a perfection of theory, a practice of idea, a need was evident and punk was the solution.

The RAMONES claim punk rock to be a purification of rock and roll. A recantation of bubblegum rock bands, and a recantation of what we now call dad rock; After the death of Hendrix we hear endless blues riffs and jack offs nawwing away at their guitars like  themselves were Hendrix. But none of them were…

David Lee Roth is a good example of BULLLLLLL SHIIIIITTTTTTTTTT

“Who started punk? who made it this punk? who made it that punk? who invented this that and the other thing?” is pointless to the reality of what it was. I pick the RAMONES not because they invented punk rock, not because I neglect Patti smith, or MC5, or Iggy, or the pistols… but because The RAMONES told it as simply and truthfully as i can seem to find.

Fuck'n Ramones yo... fucking Ramones

Punk was a purity of spirit and energy, it was an elimination of bull shit. In music; a rebellion against egoism and hyper-technical under-expressive nonsense. It was a simplification of the rock and roll structure down to is core foundations; three chords… and three rules… loud, fast, and furious.

 -1:40 is about where this video becomes relevant to the conversation-

In spirit punk became a philosophy of take no bull shit; No bull shit politics, no bull shit bureaucracy, no bull shit institutions. Just pure human living, pure brother hood, nothing in between.

It grew out from there into an enormous musical and cultural practice. It broke into little cool kids clicks of its own. And depending on perceptions it became even more smothered in bull shit than anything the hippies ever managed, to a point of suffocation, to a point of death. But that’s beside the point…

the point is